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Southern Flying Squirrels


(Starting July 1st we will begin accepting deposits for this upcoming season)


 Reserve your baby now with a deposit. Placing a deposit guarantees you a baby.

Babies are delivered in the order that the deposits are  received, so get your deposit in early.


Those who place a deposit for babies receive monthly updates on the status of our breeding colony.

Please note that I have a limited number of babies available each season.

I also limit the number of deposits that I will accept in order to guarantee babies promised.


Hand Tamed Babies

Each of our hand-fed, hand-tamed babies come with a “New Baby Care Kit” which includes a nursery, baby care sheets,

bonding pouch, natural cotton, a start up supply of squirrel food, Rep-Cal calcium, treats, and hand-feeding supplies.



A southern flying squirrel is quite small.

 Adults are usually 9 to 10 " long including the tail,

and weigh between 4- 6oz. It's large eyes, loving nature,

 and gliding ability make it a popular pocket pet.